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TikTok is a social media platform that has been around since 2017. It’s an app that allows users to create and share short videos with their friends. With the popularity of this app, it has become one of the most popular apps in the world. However, there are some concerns about privacy on this app as well as other similar platforms like Instagram and Snapchat.

The apps like tiktok, but safer is a list of apps that are similar to the popular app TikTok. These apps have a better privacy policy than TikTok and allows users to share their videos without worrying about who has access to it.

TikTok, previously known as, is now sweeping the globe. It is currently financing a variety of music videos, like Dua Lipa’s Levitating, and has surpassed YouTube in terms of total view hours, monthly users, and the creation of a new set of video producers known as “TikTokers.”

It has a very sophisticated video editor built in that allows TikTokers to create the clingy films that we all know and love.

Nowadays, TikTok is so famous that music labels pay them and TikTokers to create videos for their songs in order for the songs to become viral on the internet. Tesher’s Jalebi Baby was such a success that he turned it into a single featuring Jason Derulo! 

There are YouTube tutorials available to assist you in growing your TikTok following and gaining more millions of fans, and all of the major celebs and entertainment studios have their own TikTok accounts.

It is not flawless, despite the fact that it has taken the globe by storm. TikTok has been prohibited in 5 countries so far because to its security risk, its payment method isn’t ideal for filling TikTokers’ wallets, and TikTok’s algorithm changes every few months.

With all of the flaws, you’re probably searching for applications that are comparable to TikTok, and I’ve done the legwork for you. There are certain applications that you should be familiar with, but there are also others that are just getting started.

Apps that are similar to TikTok

Name Best For Our Opinion Website
Instagram  Stories and Reels 4/5
Youtube Videos with a long runtime 4/5
Dubsmash Videos of people lip-syncing 3.5/5
Snapchat Chatting  3.5/5
Facebook  Posts on a regular basis 2.5/5

Instagram is number one.

Like TikTok, Instagram has taken the globe by storm. It was gaining traction in 2015-16, but it was never the same until it completely redesigned itself and launched ‘Stories’ in about 2018.

It was primarily an image-based version of Facebook, but with upgrades like IGTV, Reels, and others, it has gradually moved in the direction of video content production.

When TikTok was prohibited in India, several businesses fought tooth and nail to take its place, but it was Insta’s Reels that finally triumphed. Every person who used to mock TikTokers for their videos is now doing the same thing with Reels on Instagram. 

And for good reason: Insta reels have a high organic view growth rate since they reach a large number of users on the site. Yes, these Reels follow significant trends, but a lot of individuals are also recognized.

Plus, the editing tools on Insta Reels are incredible, especially when you consider how much you get for free, including the ability to use music for which you would not get a copyright.

Instagram’s Features

  • Instagram Stories (Instagram Stories)
  • IGTV
  • All celebrities who are accessible 
  • Instagram Live is a feature on Instagram.
  • For business accounts, these figures are fantastic.

Instagram’s Benefits and Drawbacks

Pros Cons
Excellent user interface on both the laptop and the phone Facebook owns it.
Reels has an organic reach.   
Excellent application.   

Instagram comment

With its Reels feature and more editing techniques than TikTok, Instagram is certainly a rival, but being owned by Facebook and its recent controversy over its privacy has some users worried about the app.

If you’re considering leaving Instagram due to its parent company’s privacy concerns, we’ve compiled a list of Instagram alternatives for you.

Instagram’s rating system

Instagram receives a 4/5 star rating.

YouTube is number two.


Until recently, YouTube didn’t have much competitors in the video streaming space. YouTube needed to come up with something to compete with TikTok in terms of total view hours, and they did it with YouTube Shorts. YouTube Shorts is still in beta, but it has a lot of potential to become as popular as TikTok. 

TikTok was able to overtake YouTube because, unlike YouTube, TikTok viewers do not have to choose what they want to watch; it simply continues giving them what they want to see. On the other hand, you may occasionally browse through YouTube’s whole site and yet find nothing to watch.

YouTube does suggest material and has an autoplay option, but it does not spoonfeed you, which may be both a plus and a negative. Furthermore, consumers have the capacity and right to watch what they choose, rather than being spoon-fed by artificial intelligence. Users, on the other hand, may abandon the app if the suggestion is inadequate.

YouTube shorts don’t have a lot of editing effects right now, but YouTube is continuously pushing it since YouTube shorts videos receive a lot more views and have taken over the spot where the “Trending” section used to be.

Also, since YouTube owns the rights to a large number of songs by various artists from many nations, you can guarantee that YouTube Shorts will provide you access to music that TikTok and Instagram won’t.

YouTube’s features

  • There is no limit to the amount of space you may use or the number of movies you can post.
  • A large number of people follow you on a monthly basis. 
  • Excellent and diverse information on a wide range of subjects

YouTube’s Benefits and Drawbacks

Pros Cons
It’s easy to use Many ads
Years of experience in developing the ideal algorithm    
Excellent content   

YouTube video review

YouTube now has competition, which is a good thing since many people thought it wasn’t doing much in the way of bringing anything new to the table because they didn’t have to. It is well-managed equipment that meets the needs of both users and investors.

However, it seems to have found a competitor in tiny video formats, and it is ready to take on the competition head-on. Do you want to discover who its competitors are? Then read our Youtube alternatives post, where we go through the competition in detail.

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YouTube Ratings

YouTube receives a 4/5 star rating as well.

3. Dubsmash is a combination of the words “dubsmash


Dubsmash! Do you recall Dubsmash? Back in 2015, when Dubsmash was all the rage and our Facebook feeds were flooded with it? Oh, those were the days. Dubsmash is a great example of not making the most of your abilities. was established after Dubsmash and accomplished almost the same thing as Dubsmash, but because to Dubsmash’s market dominance, they didn’t have much success until they merged with TikTok.

Dubsmash was a huge hit with the public, and it was a platform unlike any other. Celebrities did impressions, and individuals recreated their favorite movie sequences; it was a platform unlike any other. It was the first to use this format for short videos. 

But, apart from further exploration, that’s where it ended. Dubsmash might have become the next TikTok or a similar app since users grew tired of simply replicating the sounds after a time. They could have incorporated all of TikTok’s fancy effects, created a community, and done so much more. But they aren’t anymore, having just been purchased by Reddit.

Dubsmash’s characteristics 

  • Videos of people lip-syncing
  • Video entertainment that is enjoyable 

Dubsmash’s Advantages and Disadvantages

Pros Cons
Simple to use There is no community.
Pass the time in a fun way.  There are no video effects like on TikTok. 
Excellent application.  Only watching lip-syncing videos

On Dubsmash, there’s a review.

Dubsmash hurts because I liked it a lot more than and it was really enjoyable to use. It may still be utilized to pass the time, but don’t expect much more out of it.

Dubsmash’s rating

Dubsmash has a 3.5/5 star rating. 

Snapchat is number four.


Snapchat has now been around for ten years! Since its inception in 2011, the Snapchat team has been continuously learning and observing trends in order to remain current and relevant.

Snapchat began as a photo-sharing tool for talking. Now it’s just like TikTok, but with augmented reality features like Spotlight, where you can view and share the finest snaps, chat with your friends, and see what’s going on in the community, among other things.

Snapchat’s features

  • Featured in the community 
  • Play video games with your pals
  • Maps contain a lot of information.
  • Creating streaks with pals is a lot of fun. 

Snapchat’s Benefits and Drawbacks

Pros Cons
Lenses and characteristics of various kinds For the snaps, there aren’t enough analytics.
As well as a voice changer app  
Neither Facebook nor any other digital behemoth owns it.   
Messages that vanish  

a Snapchat review

Snapchat isn’t attempting to compete with other platforms; instead, it’s concentrating on keeping its users happy and connecting them with new individuals. It’s a fantastic tool that keeps track of what your friends and community are up to without keeping you hooked to it.

Snapchat pioneered what Dubsmash failed to accomplish: it didn’t stop at one thing and learned to do more as the times changed. Everyone dislikes Snapchat, and some people even find it difficult to use. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with our list of the finest Snapchat alternatives.

Snapchat Ratings

Snapchat has a 3.5/5 star rating. 

Facebook is number five.


When it comes to short-video content, Facebook is also on the list since it has many of the same characteristics as Instagram. People still use Facebook, and it has a large number of monthly active users, despite the criticism it has received as a result of its data breach, leaks, and violation of privacy.

Facebook lost its touch in 2017, just when Insta was gaining traction, and is now slowly recovering it. The app and site still have a variety of content producers since the traffic is still there; it’s simply more diverse today. 

Because Insta is owned by Facebook, anything you publish on Insta may be shared immediately on Facebook without having to create a new post, saving you time.

Facebook’s features

  • Various positions of various kinds
  • Features such as Stories and Reels are also accessible.  

Facebook’s Benefits and Drawbacks

Pros Cons
The 2.8 billion monthly users on Facebook Privacy Violations
Instagram integration is simple. Data Leak
  Customer service is abysmal.
  deleting posts/groups without giving the author any notice

Post a Facebook review

Facebook has lost the confidence of its users, and sooner or later, everyone will abandon the program. It now has a 2.4/5 star rating on Google Play, based on 12 million votes! 2.4! That should inform you how much the software is disliked.

Facebook evaluations

We give Facebook a 2.5 out of 5 star rating. 

Last but not least, 

To sum up this post, TikTok is flourishing right now and will continue to do so in the future, but it does not imply it will be there forever. So many applications, like TikTok, that were riding high on the trending train, such as Vine, have come and gone. 

That’s the problem with these new apps: there are no certainties. One day you could be producing movies on them and being paid, and the next thing you know, they’ve been banned in your country or their services have been deactivated.

As a result, the aforementioned websites have established themselves in the market and are unlikely to go very soon. 

The apps like tiktok for 11 year olds is an app that has a safer privacy policy. This article gives information on 5 other apps like TikTok with a safer privacy policy.

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