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Miracast is a wireless standard that allows you to wirelessly project your PC’s display onto a TV or other device. This feature has been available in Windows 10 since the Anniversary Update and can be found under Settings > Devices > Wireless Display.

Miracast is a wireless technology that allows users to broadcast video and audio content from their device to another device. It can be used with a smartphone or tablet, but also works with laptops, desktop computers, and other devices. To download the free Windows 10 64 bit version of Miracast go to miracast download windows 10 64 bit free download

Miracast is a wireless technology standard that allows your computer to project its screen to a monitor, projector, or television, as well as streaming media players that support it. Miracast windows may be used to share what’s on your computer, create slide shows, and play games on a larger screen. If your PC runs a Windows operating system that supports Miracast, you may connect it to a wireless display to complete the connection and begin projecting.

Miracast is a feature in Windows 10 that allows you to share your screen with others


Your PC, on the other hand, may be running an earlier version of Windows, such as Windows XP or Windows 7. In this scenario, you’ll need to update it to a later version and make sure it’s Miracast-compatible before you can project (see this step-by-step guide >> How to utilize Miracast on Windows 10). The projected display may not always support Miracast. You’ll need to install a hardware to reset the display.

To check whether your device supports Miracast, use Win+R and enter “dxdiag” followed by “Enter.” Click on ‘Save all Information’ and save the text file where you want it, then open it and check for Miracast availability.

Find out whether your Windows PC supports Miracast by reading this article.

How to Install Miracast on Windows 10

Miracast is now incorporated into the device and was introduced with Windows 8.1. You can transmit up to 1080p HD video and 5.1 surround sound through Miracast.

  • To use Miracast on Windows 10, make sure the built-in Miracast functionality is turned on. If not, connect the external adapter to the HDMI port on your PC and turn it on.
  • On your Windows PC, go to Start, then Settings, Devices, and lastly Connected Devices.
  • The adapter will show in the list when you click “Add a new device.”
  • After selecting the receiving adapter, the system will be ready to use.

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If the connection fails, check the Miracast device drivers on your Windows 7/8/10 computer. The display and Wi-Fi drivers should both be up to date, and the PC should be Wi-Fi capable. If the problem persists, try a different adapter (Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter) or contact the manufacturer for a permanent fix.

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MIRACAST Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where can I get Miracast? A: Go to this Miracast Driver Download page to get the Miracast driver.

Please watch this complete instructional video if you still don’t know how to do it.

Q: Why isn’t my computer capable of using Miracast? A: This problem may be caused by faulty or improper Miracast settings. As a result, please carefully follow the instructions on the How to Setup and Use Miracast on Windows 10 instructional page.

Q: What is Miracast, and how does it work? A: Miracast is a Wi-Fi Alliance-approved technological standard that is built into millions of contemporary devices across the globe. It wirelessly reflects what’s on one device’s screen onto another for convenient viewing and access.

Note: According to ScreenBeam.com, Miracast is a must-have technology for anybody who wishes to transfer information from one screen to another or a projector wirelessly, including presentations, movies, applications, and pictures.

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The miracast download windows 10 softonic is a Windows 10 feature that allows users to share screens wirelessly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I install Miracast on Windows 10?

Yes, you can install Miracast on Windows 10.

How do I install Miracast on my PC?

You can find instructions to install Miracast on your PC here.

Can I download Miracast to my PC?

Yes, you can download Miracast to your PC.

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