How to set Data Limits & Get Usage alerts in Windows 10

Data limits and usage alerts are two features that Microsoft added to Windows 10. These features allow you to monitor how much data your device is using and set a limit on the amount of data it can use before getting an alert.

The mobile data limit exceeded solution is a way to set Data Limits & Get Usage alerts in Windows 10.

If you have a metered internet connection, Windows can help you remain under your data consumption limitations. A metered connection, such as a cellular data connection, has a data limit, and if you go over that limit, you may be charged extra. 

Set data limits in Windows 10 to keep track of your data use and get notifications and cautions when you’re approaching the limit. This function is integrated into Windows and does not need the installation of any other software.

All data transmitted and received from all connections will be tracked by Windows. It would keep track of Ethernet and Wi-Fi connections, as well as the quantity of data used by each. 

In Windows 10, how can I see my data use statistics?

To see your data use, go to the Settings app and open Network status. To launch Network Status, hit Windows + R and then enter the following command into the Run dialog box. (Alternatively, go to Start > Settings > Network & Internet > Status.)


Open the Network Status Data Usage page

The Network Status page displays the status of your current connection. To get the data usage statistics for all Windows applications, click the Data Usage option.


The Data Use page displays the data usage of all installed applications on your computer, with the app that consumes the most data displayed first.

The Data usage stats of Windows apps

To get data use warnings, set a data limit.

By clicking the Enter Limit button under Data Limit, you may specify the data limit.


This will bring up the box for setting a data limit. The Limit Type option in the Set Data Limit dialog offers three choices.


Monthly: This option allows you to choose a monthly date when the restriction will be reset automatically. The limit may be set in MBs or GBs. When you come close to the specified data limit, you’ll receive a usage alert, and if you consume the whole quota before the reset date, you’ll get a usage alert.

One-time: This option may be used to establish daily data limitations. Choose the number of days for the data to be reset. If you choose one day and a 1 GB data restriction, you will get a warning if you use a GB of data before 12 a.m.

There is no data restriction with the Unlimited option, however you may select a monthly reset date to reset the data use statistics.

You’ll see the spent and remaining data under the Data limit once you’ve saved the data limit.


You may also alter or modify the limit by clicking Edit Limit. To turn off Usage warnings, click Remove limit. 

When you use 80-90 percent of your data and are approaching the specified data limit, Windows will display a warning.


When you go over your data limit, you’ll receive a last warning.


If you complete the data before the reset date, Windows will continue to display the data limit exceeded warning.

To stop the warnings, either delete or reset the limit, or switch to a different internet connection.

To see how much data has been used and how much is left, use the Windows + R keyboard shortcut and then enter the following command in the Run dialog box, then press Enter.



To get the consumption statistics for the current connection, click the Data Usage icon.


Please keep in mind that these data consumption statistics are unique to each device. The data consumption of all your devices connected to your wireless router or ethernet connection is used to determine your overall data use (as kept by your Internet Service Provider).


Windows 10 has a feature that allows users to set data limits. With the How to set data limit in samsung article, you can learn how to do this. Reference: how to set data limit in samsung.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I set data limits in Windows 10?

The data limit is set by the system. You can check it by opening up the Task Manager and looking under Processes.

How do I set unlimited data limits?

You can set a data limit on your device by going to settings and then cellular.

How do I set a data limit on my Samsung?

To set a data limit on your Samsung, you can go to Settings > Data Usage > Set Data Limit.

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