Hentainexus Is Shutdown This Is The Reason? Check Out Alternatives

Hentai Nexus is a free-to-play anime and manga porn game that recently shut down after sexual assault claims. The shutdown led to the creation of several online communities, such as Hentainexus Is Shutdown This Is The Reason? Check Out Alternatives which has over 100,000 members at time of writing.

There are a number of hentaiNexus options that may assist you in finding the cartoon, manga, or anime that you are seeking for.

You can watch your favorite hentai on anime sites without worrying about malware or viruses. We’ll go through 7 hentainexus alternatives in this blog article so you may keep watching your favorite show.


The world’s most popular website, hentainexus, has been taken down for unclear reasons, and you will no longer be able to view it on your computer or smartphone. Furthermore, you can use it to access some of the greatest hentainexus alternatives that everyone around you uses to view their favorite anime without problem.

We’ve put together a list of websites that are some of the top hentainexus alternatives.

Kiss Cartoon No. 1

Kiss Cartoon is a fantastic hentainexus substitute that provides a large range of free sexual anime. It contains a wealth of material, and new episodes are released on a regular basis, allowing you to watch your favorite series as they air in Japan.

Kisscartoon.com is the website address.

96 percent (positive evaluations) | 100 percent safe to work with

There is no membership price to read the site’s contents; but, if users join up for premium access, which costs roughly $20 per month, there is a bonus system (rates vary depending on currency). After browsing through their huge collection, you’ll uncover high-quality videos with English subtitles in minutes. It’s simple to use and move between episodes thanks to the website’s design.

2. Anime Kiss

KissAnime is an excellent alternative to hentaiNexus that has a wide selection of free anime episodes. This website offers over 25,000 episodes, including subtitled versions of several major titles accessible. The site also has a wealth of information about each episode, allowing you to familiarize yourself with the narrative before viewing it!

kissanime.com is the website address for kissanime.com.

Rated as 100% safe for work | no membership fee is needed

There is no membership charge; however, there may be adverts on some sites that generate income if members click on them (voluntary) or via adsense (mandatory). You have the option of paying $20 a month to get access to their premium collection, however this is not needed.

KissAnime is a nice alternative to hentaiNexus since you can view episodes from their website instead of downloading them! Many popular titles are available, and the material may be watched in either English or Japanese. There are various language choices for people who like subtitles, including Russian, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, and others, which can help you extend your search for anime series.

3. 9Anime

Because it has over 100,000 episodes and movies, this hentaiNexus alternative is a perfect location to watch free anime online. These are high-definition (1080p) videos that may be viewed right from their website without the need to download! Every day, new programs are posted on the site, so there is always something fresh for you to watch.


88 percent approval rating (high praise) | suitable for job

No membership cost is necessary; however, users who pay $20 per month will have access to premium material, which includes quicker servers and special performances (rates vary depending on currency). You may select to watch all of the available titles with English subtitles or in Japanese.

NineAnime is a terrific alternative to hentaiNexus for anime fans who want to watch episodes without having to download anything beforehand! Many popular titles are accessible on this site, and new episodes are released on a regular basis, so you’ll never run out of fresh series and movies to keep you occupied all day. On the top navigation bar, there are also social media buttons that enable users to share movies with friends or like them if they enjoy what they watch (you may favorite an episode an unlimited number of times).

These hentai sites all have similar material, but depending on your own interests, each one has something unique to offer. Some may offer higher-quality movies, while others may have higher-rated programs. Although two of the options provided below are ad-supported, they do not include any pornographic ads or external connections.

4. Animefreak Animefreak Animefreak Anim

Another wonderful option to hentaiNexus is AnimeFreak, which has a wide selection of anime programs and movies. This site has over 25,000 episodes that you may watch online or download if you wish (rates vary depending on currency).


Rated as 100% safe for work | no membership fee is needed

Is there a membership price to watch anime with English subtitles on this site? There is no membership charge to view anime with English subtitles on this site. While browsing specific sites, advertising may display that may generate cash if clicked by members (voluntary) or adsense (mandatory). You may also create a free account that will generate money if users decide to upgrade their membership.

AnimeFreak is a fantastic free anime website that enables you to view episodes without needing to first download them! Many popular titles are available in both English and Japanese, making it simple for individuals who don’t speak the language but still want to view high-quality entertainment. This site also does not charge a membership price, making it a perfect hentaiNexus option for those on a budget.

Members of AnimeFreak will get access to over 25,000 episodes, ensuring that they will always have something fresh to watch online or download! You won’t have to worry about the image being distorted since the anime videos are accessible in HD resolution. You may also join up for a free account, which can generate money if people upgrade their membership, but this is not needed, and no adverts are visible on the anime movies itself.

5. Anime with Chai

Another wonderful website for anime enthusiasts to download their favorite series is Chai-Anime. There are almost 700 episodes accessible as of this writing, which you may view online or immediately from your computer without needing to convert them first (rates vary depending on currency).

chai-anime.com is the website for chai-anime.com.

Rated as 100% safe for work | no membership fee is needed

Membership Fee? : There are no membership costs here, making it an excellent alternative to hentaiNexus for people who don’t want to pay money but still want to watch anime or read manga. If you want to access the more popular titles, you’ll need to create an account first, so make sure you do that before continuing. A free account will suffice, but it will not provide users access to all of the accessible material.

Chai-Anime provides a wide selection of anime series and movies available for subscribers to view online or download straight from their website. This site presently has almost 700 episodes posted, so if you can’t find anything new here, there’s definitely nothing worth viewing. Furthermore, there are no membership costs, making Chia-Anime a great alternative to hentainexus if you don’t want to pay money but still want to watch adult-themed anime.

6. AnimeLap AnimeLap AnimeLap Anime

Another nice resource for anime episodes and movies is AnimeLap. There are almost 500 episodes on the site that you may view without needing to download them beforehand (rates vary depending on currency).

animelab.com is a website dedicated to anime.

Rated as 100% safe for work | no membership fee is needed

Membership Fee? : Because there are no membership costs here, AnimeLab is a wonderful alternative to hentainexus if you want adult oriented material but don’t want to pay any money. You will have access to all of the films accessible on this website regardless of your status, so even if you haven’t joined up yet, it’s simple to browse through their collection! Remember that to access the more popular titles, you’ll need to create an account.

AnimeLab users may view a large number of anime series and movies online or straight from their computer without having to download them first! Since most other hentaiNexus competitors only offer around 100-200 movies, there’s really little sense in joining up if nothing catches your eye straight away, but AnimeLab is undoubtedly one of the better sites I’ve discovered yet. There are no membership fees required here, so anybody who wants to view these adult-themed products may do so without spending any additional money.

GoGoAnime is number seven.

GoGoAnime is a website where you can watch anime and manga for free. There are approximately 60,000 anime episodes to watch. Some products on the site include English translations as well as subtitles in 50 other languages, allowing people from all over the globe to enjoy them!

You’ll have no problem finding anything you enjoy here since they cover every genre conceivable, including romance, drama, action-adventure, and horror/mystery, to name a few.

Another thing I like about this anime is that it doesn’t simply concentrate on one sort of video or media format, but rather provides a variety of alternatives, such as HD movies up to 1080p and music files to download. Manga comics are also available to read and enjoy.

GoGoAnime is by far my favorite alternative to hentaiNexus since they offer so much more stuff than simply anime p*rn movies that you can watch online or download to your device. There is also a forum on the site where users may debate various subjects and contribute artwork. If you’re looking for something comparable but better, I strongly suggest checking out this community!

Anime-Planet is number eight on the list.

Anime-Planet is an excellent resource for viewing anime from across the globe. It contains subtitles in several languages and allows you to view HD videos.

This tube site’s main page is pretty fascinating since it displays images from your favorite anime series, movies, or games, which you can then click on to get to to that category. There’s no chance you won’t discover anything excellent here with access to hundreds of thousands of episodes! If you’re searching for anything more than anime, Anime-planet also has manga comics and art books.

Anime-planet would be my first choice if I had to select an alternative hentaiNexus based just on quality.

That concludes my list of hentaiNexus alternatives, all of which are as capable in terms of user-friendliness and media types. If you’re looking for a great alternative to this tube, go no further than what I’ve suggested above.

AniWatcher (number 9)

AniWatcher is a website dedicated to anime, including anything from full-length films to brief clips. It’s fantastic since it includes both English and Japanese subtitles as well as high-definition video.

The front page of this tube site is also really great since it allows you to browse through many categories such as drama, action, romance, and so on.

When it comes to the sheer volume of material available, this website gives hentaiNexus a run for its money. You have access to a large number of episodes that will keep you entertained for many hours! The greatest aspect about all of these series is that they’re all accessible in full-length forms, so there’s no waiting between episodes — just pure pleasure from beginning to end.

The site’s style is very neat and tidy, so you won’t have any trouble browsing it or discovering items that interest you. Everything is organized into logical areas, which makes it much easier to keep track of everything on offer! One thing we enjoyed about this website was how they organized everything by date of release rather than most popular, which saves you time from having to go through a lot of films.

AniWatcher.com is the website address.

Crunchyroll is number ten.

Crunchyroll isn’t simply a website; it’s more of an anime center where you can catch up on all of your favorite programs’ latest episodes. This site offers so many films that are updated on a regular basis that even if you try, you won’t be able to keep up! You’ll need their premium subscription, which costs roughly $60 per year, to view any episode.

In contrast, the free membership here is rather restricted — you can’t see the most recent episodes, just those that are at least a few weeks old! Despite this constraint, they have a large collection of over 25000 titles, so there is much to select from. We also enjoyed how everything was organized into various categories, making it incredibly simple to locate items that interest you! If you ever want to catch some anime action while traveling for business or anything similar, the site also works great on mobile devices.

Crunchyroll.com is the website’s URL.


What is the meaning of hentaiNexus?

hentaiNexus was a prominent website where you could watch anime, read manga, and even view certain mainstream movies. However, it was taken down early this month, so you won’t be able to view your favorite material there anymore! Fortunately, there are a plethora of alternatives available that provide almost identical functionality to their predecessor.

On which websites can I watch anime for free without having to register?

Several websites provide free anime material (including episodes from recent seasons) without needing registration! We’ve compiled a list of some of the greatest options for you to consider.

Are there English subtitles in any of these hentaiNexus alternatives?

Yes, most of the websites listed above have anime shows with English subtitles, so don’t worry if you don’t speak Japanese. Simply seek for the episode number of the program you wish to watch, which will be accompanied by English subtitles.

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