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Minecraft is a game that has been around for more than 10 years. It is one of the most popular games and has had many different versions and mod packs released over the years. Mods are additions to the game that can change how it looks, plays, or even adds new features.

The how to install mods on minecraft java is a tutorial that explains how to download and install mods on Minecraft Java. It is free to use, but it does require Minecraft Java.

Minecraft modifications exist in a variety of shapes and sizes, and they may enhance your entire Minecraft experience while also providing a lot more. That is why the majority of players are always downloading Minecraft modifications. So I created this tutorial to teach you how to download and install mods for free on Minecraft Java, which will allow you to download a variety of modifications for your Minecraft account. So, without further ado, let’s get down to business.

Pro Tip: You don’t have to do all of the steps; only the ones that are most handy on your device.

Step 1: Download and install Java.

To use modifications in Minecraft, you must first install Java on your device, which can be done here.

1) Go to the Java official website. (

2) A Java Download icon will appear on the homepage; click it.

3) A new option, Agree and Begin Free Download, will appear, which you must choose. (If Java does not automatically download the version that is compatible with your device’s operating system, click on See all Java downloads and choose the version that is compatible with your OS.)


4) After a few moments, a Save As box will appear, and you must click Save.

You may finish the installation procedure while Java is downloading in the background by following the preceding points. 

Step 2: Get Minecraft Forge and install it.

Downloading the finest modding API, which in this instance is Forge, is the most efficient method to build and validate modifications for Minecraft. Here’s how you can get it and set it up: 


1) Go to and press and hold the Ctrl+F keys.

2) Now, download the suggested version of Forge, which may or may not be the most recent.


Pro Tip: I do not suggest downloading the most recent version of Forge since it may include problems that have yet to be addressed. Furthermore, not all versions of Minecraft Forge are compatible with the Minecraft version you’re accustomed to.

3) In the Download Recommended section, choose Installer. 


4) If the notice “Please wait… seconds…” appears. Wait for a few seconds without hesitating.  


5) Click the Skip option in the top right corner of the page when you see it.


6) Then, when the Save As box appears, click Save to begin the downloading process. 



1) Double-click the Forge file to start the software.

(Open it in your downloads folder or in your web browser.)

2) Select Install client from the drop-down menu, then click OK.


3) Wait for the Complete window to appear before clicking OK to finish the installation.

Step 3: Make a backup of your Minecraft files.

While this step is not required, I highly advise it since adding modifications may be difficult. Before installing any modifications, create a backup of your Minecraft.jar file to guarantee that your progress is preserved. Here’s how to go about it.

1) Right-click minecraft.jar and choose Copy from the menu.

2) Access the Run Box by pressing and holding the Windows logo key and R at the same time, then entering the command percent appdata percent.minecraft to open the file.

3) Make a new folder on One Drive or another cloud storage service like Google Drive.

To create a new folder, just right-click on an empty area on your desktop and choose New > Folder. Make sure the folder has a name that indicates it is for your Minecraft backup.


4) Right-click the backup copy and choose Paste to paste it into the new folder.


Step 4: Only download modifications from reputable sites.

There are a plethora of Minecraft modifications to select from on the internet, and players are renowned for their individual tastes, so download the one that best fits your Minecraft strategy. However, keep two things in mind while choosing a mod: 1. Your Forge and Minecraft are compatible with the modifications. 2. Only download from reputable websites.

Step 5: Install Minecraft modifications

After you’ve downloaded the modifications, you’ll need to move them into your Minecraft folder and then start Minecraft.

To do so, follow these instructions:

1) Press the Windows logo key and R on your keyboard at the same time to open the Run box.

2) Click OK after copying and pasting the percent appdata percent.minecraft command.


3) Next, drag the downloaded.jar file into the Minecraft subdirectory.

4) Make sure Forge is turned on before starting Minecraft.

5) The Minecraft mod has now been installed and will be applied automatically when you click Play and start a game.

6) Now that modifications have been installed to your Minecraft, you may play the game with the same advantages as pro players.

Step 6: Improve your gaming experience by updating your graphics and audio drivers.

Minor problems such as black screen crashes with sound looping or other in-game bugs may sometimes detract from your gaming experience. To prevent problems like these, make sure your graphics and audio drivers are up to date.

All you have to do to update the drivers is go to the official Drivers website for the ones you’re using and follow the instructions there. There is usually a ‘Check for Updates’ button that lets you know whether any updates are available.

The minecraft mods free is a website that allows users to download and install Minecraft Java mods for free.

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