AirTV Anywhere Helps Sling TV Users Watch & DVR Local Live TV

The “airtv anywhere for sale” is a streaming device that allows users to watch and record local live TV from their Sling TV subscription. The device is designed to work with the AirTV app, which has been released by Dish Network.

The AirTV line of devices is designed specifically for cord-cutters who are looking to cut the cord. Users can watch live TV, DVR content and stream online with over 125 apps right from their smartphone or tablet remote control.

The AirTV Anywhere, a new hardware gadget from Sling TV, is now available for purchase. This is the newest AirTV gadget to hit the market, and it’s meant to provide a complete local live TV experience, complete with DVR, when used in conjunction with other AirTV devices.


Dish Network, which also owns AirTV, is the owner of Sling TV. As a result, anytime a new AirTV device is released, it is also one that works well with Sling TV. These gadgets are arguably designed to enhance the Sling TV experience, making them less valuable to consumers who subscribe to a rival live TV streaming provider.

The Sling TV announcement focused largely on the integration it provides when “matched” with the Sling streaming service, and AirTV Anywhere is no exception. The presence of four tuners and a 1TB DVR, however, is undoubtedly its biggest selling feature. Owners will be able to watch and record local live TV and even have those channels blended with streaming channels in the Sling TV live guide once these two aspects are added.



AirTV Anywhere now has the ability to broadcast local live TV channels over the home’s Wi-Fi, allowing them to be seen on other devices such as a smartphone, set-top box, or smart TV. If combined with a Sling TV subscription, AirTV Anywhere users will be able to view the same local channels via the Sling app even when they are not connected to the home network.

AirTV Anywhere isn’t a one-stop shop.

While AirTV Anywhere seems to address many of the issues with local live television, it is not an all-in-one solution. For begin, people interested in monitoring and recording local channels will want an antenna. Furthermore, despite the fact that it has tuners and a DVR, this is not a streaming device.

As a result, to use the AirTV Anywhere, buyers will need to possess another smart device or player that can stream video. In this regard, it is more comparable to Amazon’s Fire TV Recast.

Overall, this is a solution that is geared toward helping cord cutters not only see local live TV, but also record it and watch it on a variety of other devices. However, given the $199 price tag, the AirTV Anywhere may prove to be a barrier for others.

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The “airtv anywhere amazon” is a new device that will help you watch and record local live TV. The AirTV Anywhere does not require any additional hardware to work.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does AirTV work with Sling TV?

A: Airtv works with Sling TV by providing access to over-the-air channels for the cost of a subscription. This is through an antenna that plugs into your televisions HDMI port which then connects to AirTV Player, or any supported streaming device via WiFi or Ethernet cable.

Can I use AirTV anywhere without Sling?

A: The AirTV can be used anywhere on the planet without worry of needing to connect it to a streaming service. It has its own built in Sling TV app that you can use with an antenna or via wifi, but there are no restrictions for where you have the device set up.

Is AirTV on Sling free?

A: AirTV is a service by Dish Network. In order to use the service, you must have a paid subscription which costs $20/month as of 2018.

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