5 Best Managed WordPress Hosting Providers (2021): Our Comparison

With over 11.7 million websites, WordPress is a powerful tool for businesses of all types and sizes. But selecting the right hosting company can be challenging, since not just anyone can make it easy to manage your site’s files and updates on a day-to-day basis. Here are five premier managed WordPress hosts that will help you find success online!

The “best managed wordpress hosting 2021” is a comparison of the best managed WordPress hosting providers. The article includes the top 5 best managed WordPress hosting providers that are available today.

I’m sure you’ve came across at least a dozen brands claiming to be the finest in the market if you’re seeking for a solid and trustworthy managed WordPress hosting solution for your website or company.

While they each have their own reasons for claiming the label of “best,” not everyone should be able to hold the top spot.

Even though some hosting firms don’t offer a fully managed hosting plan, they call it a “managed WordPress hosting plan.” Purchasing such a strategy without sufficient knowledge might bring you back to square one.

To avoid all of this annoyance, first learn about managed WordPress hosting, and then figure out which hosting service best suits your requirements at the greatest price.

In this post, I’ll give you an overview of managed WordPress hosting and assess the benefits and drawbacks to help you make a more informed decision. Then I’ll go through our top five selections for the best WordPress hosting services and help you choose which one to choose.

Let’s get started!

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What is Managed WordPress Hosting, and how does it work?

Web hosting is a large sector that caters to a wide range of clients. Everyone requires a host to operate their website, from beginner bloggers to backed developers and website builders.

While putting up a website may be simple for sophisticated users, it might be difficult if you are not technically smart and familiar with the backend of a website.

Hosting firms began providing managed WordPress hosting plans to appeal to users who would rather concentrate on what they are strong at rather than keeping up with updates and security patches on a regular basis.


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Essentially, with managed WordPress hosting, the host handles all of the server-side “heavy lifting,” allowing customers to concentrate on their company, blog, or website.

This implies that the website host is responsible for fundamental and routine hosting administration activities such as WordPress installation, website security, managing updates, daily backups, uptime, performance, and speed, among others.

The WordPress-optimized servers are another key feature of managed WordPress hosting. At its heart, setting up a host is difficult. You may be able to figure out and set up a host within a day or two, but the performance will be drastically different from a host created with speed and performance in mind.

As a result, many web development organizations and professional developers choose managed hosting for their customers since it allows them to depend on the server architecture while providing high-performing websites.

To top it off, managed WordPress hosting comes with a team of highly skilled support personnel. You can expect them to know their way around the technical caves of WordPress since they have worked on fully managed WordPress websites.

When do you need WordPress hosting that is managed?

Your demands and objectives will determine whether you need a fully managed hosting website or a basic shared hosting.

Try to answer the following questions before choosing on the sort of hosting:

  • Do you have a good understanding of technology? Can you spot issues with your hosting and save your website from disaster?
  • Is your website seeing a sudden uptick in traffic?
  • Is it critical for your website to have continuous uptime with no interruptions?
  • Do you consider data security to be a major concern? Do you have sensitive information on your website that you can’t afford to lose in the event of a cyber attack?
  • Would you rather concentrate on your website project than spend time ensuring that it is safe and operational?

You can determine whether managed WordPress hosting is perfect for you by answering those questions.

You may have peace of mind knowing that your website is being maintained by a team of specialists who specialize in the area if you choose fully managed WordPress hosting. You may also expect the host to maintain everything up to industry security standards since they are responsible for defending your website from any cyber or phishing attempts.

So, if you identify with these points, I propose using a dependable managed WordPress hosting service.


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Load wordpress FAST Cloudways

Consider it in the same way as you would while purchasing furnishings. You may either go to a carpenter and describe your demands, and they will handle everything from planning, constructing a layout, and having it put properly in your house, or you can buy a basic set from IKEA and set it up yourself.

The Benefits of WordPress Hosting that is Managed

Leaving all of these technical aspects of your website in the hands of professionals provides a number of advantages. While there are no industry standards for managed WordPress hosting and practically every hosting company has their own unique service, it is rather simple to identify the features and advantages you can anticipate from a standard managed WordPress hosting (at least a decent one!)

Improved performance – WordPress hosting servers that are managed are set up exclusively for WordPress websites. Because the servers are more effectively built, you can anticipate optimum performance and dependability on the server side, with assets being sent and loaded rapidly. This may dramatically reduce the time it takes for a page to load.

Expert assistance – Because setting up and working with a fully managed WordPress server necessitates the expertise of a skilled team, you can count on them to keep you out of trouble. The team’s goal is to master a single CMS, namely WordPress, rather than learning about numerous CMS options on the market. Additionally, since managed WordPress hosting is considered a premium service, most hosting companies will give you with 24/7 chat or ticket assistance.

Improved security — Whether you’re operating a hobby blog or a full-fledged eCommerce company, security is critical in today’s world. Choosing managed WordPress hosting will not make your website immune to all potential vulnerabilities, but it will provide you with the advantages of a more stable infrastructure.

If your website is hacked despite all of the firewalls and security upgrades, you can count on the support staff to assist you. This is not the same quality of service that you’d get with shared or regular hosting. In addition, practically all managed WordPress hosting plans provide daily backups, so if you need a quick fix, you can simply ask the technical support to restore your website to a prior stable version.

Automatic daily backups – Backing up your website on a regular basis is one of the most often advised WordPress recommendations. There are a number of instances in which you may want that recent backup. It might be due to malware, a hacked website, restricted access, plugin and compatibility difficulties, or something else else. If there is no solution in sight, returning to a stable version might save a lot of time in these situations.

There will be no downtime – Managed WordPress hosting are built to handle unexpected traffic spikes and surges. Even on the server side, the architecture is designed to survive web host inconsistencies and other variables that might impair your website’s availability. To demonstrate their server effectiveness, some managed hosting companies even provide a 99.9%+ uptime guarantee.

Easy website administration – You won’t spend much time in the hosting interface with managed WP hosting, but when you do, you’ll receive a bespoke dashboard with access to practically everything you need in one place to ease effective maintenance. So, even if you have many websites hosted on the same account, you can manage them all from the same dashboard.

Less reliance on plugins — Plugins are used by many WordPress websites to offer essential features such as regular backups, caching, and even security. All of these features come included with a trustworthy managed WordPress hosting service. As a result, the plugin load on your website will be reduced, making it even quicker.


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SSL Certificates — Obtaining an SSL certificate for your website has traditionally necessitated a lot of back-and-forth communication between your server and the SSL supplier. You can leave the majority of the work to them and have your SSL certificate set up in no time with managed WP hosting options that include SSL help. Most hosts work with Let’s Encrypt, and adding a lock symbol next to your website’s URL in a browser just takes a few clicks.

The most major advantage of using managed WordPress hosting is that you won’t have to worry about typical website maintenance duties like backups, upgrades, security, and downtime. The specialists take care of the majority of it. This allows you to concentrate on the task that you should be doing in the first place.

The Negative Effects of Managed WordPress Hosting

Managed WordPress hosting, like everything else in the world, has its drawbacks. In general, the disadvantages are determined by the user’s demands, budget, and other factors. To genuinely explain a characteristic as a disadvantage, it is necessary to first understand the users’ aims and priorities.

Higher price — As previously said, managed WordPress hosting is more expensive than shared hosting. While the additional price is generally justified by the many features, you must have access to the offering, particularly if you are on a limited budget. If money is an issue for you, it’s a good idea to check out every recognized managed WordPress hosting company and compare their pricing. Most of them have several price tiers for different demands, and they might sometimes be much less expensive than you expect.

WordPress-only hosting — Choosing managed WordPress hosting implies committing to a package that caters just to WordPress sites. As a result, if you wish to host a Drupal or Magento website in the future, you’ll need to purchase a separate server. Of course, if you just deal with WordPress, this shouldn’t be an issue.

Plugin restrictions – Plugins are fantastic for expanding the functionality of your website, however some managed WordPress hosting may not allow you to install certain plugins for security concerns. You can find it tough to install plugins that have security flaws that can trickle down on your website if you’re boycotting or blocking anything that might put your website at danger. Before banning a plugin, most hosts rely on information from reputable sources such as WPScans and Wordfence.

There isn’t a domain or an email address – If you’ve ever used shared hosting, you’re probably accustomed to obtaining a free name for a year as part of your package. Unfortunately, most managed WordPress hosting companies do not supply these facilities, so you will have to depend on another firm for them. This is due to the fact that most managed hosting providers would rather concentrate on offering a dependable managed solution than stretch their company’s resources thin. However, if you use good third-party email providers like G Suite or Zoho, this should not be a problem.

Providers of Managed WordPress Hosting

I’m sure you’ve heard about managed WordPress hosting and its benefits and drawbacks. So let’s take a closer look at our best selections in the sector and see what they have to offer.

  1. Cloudways
  2. SiteGround
  3. Kinsta
  4. WP Engine (WordPress Engine) is a
  5. FlyWheelFlywheel


Cloudways is an excellent option if you’re operating a small company with few hosting needs. Cloudways, unlike other hosting providers, solely provides managed WordPress hosting, demonstrating their dedication to quality and service above price.

Cloudways Managed WordPress Hosting

Cloudways is a well-known cloud hosting platform that allows you to host your websites on your own cloud servers. DigitalOcean, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, Vultr, and Linode are some of the IaaS platforms available.


Let’s have a look at the platform’s features.

Performance: All Cloudways servers offer dedicated resources to help you get the most out of your server. Because the hosting is SSD-based, you may anticipate faster page load times and better performance. You also receive Cloudways CDN, which provides faster global load times and is quite simple to set up and use.

Security: Cloudways provides dedicated OS-level firewalls to screen out harmful traffic, as well as free Let’s Encrypt SSL installation. You also receive an extra layer of security to safeguard your website from fraudulent and brute-force login assaults, as well as the option to use two-factor authentication to further secure your hosting account.

All options include round-the-clock live chat assistance 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. While there are paid support levels available, the majority of the useful features are included in the free plan. If you’re operating a mission-critical website where every second counts, you may upgrade to Advanced or Premium support for an extra $100 or $500 per month, respectively.

Control and collaboration: To partition the project amongst suitable teams, you may work with your full team in a single account. You may instantly transfer ownership of a website to your clients from the dashboard if you’re providing websites to your customers. This functionality is only relevant for companies and agencies that are building websites for customers.

Other prominent features include one-click backup and restore, easy scalability for managing traffic spikes, one-click staging and cloning as required, and a highly customizable interface to assist you in completing your work quickly.

Pricing for Cloudways

You have the option of paying as you go when it comes to price. To begin, choose an IaaS platform and compare pricing for various servers and usages.

Cloudways Pricing

For example, if you want to use DigitalOcean servers, you may choose among plans ranging from $10 per month to $80 per month, depending on the amount of resources you need. AWS, on the other hand, begins at $36.51/mo for 2GB RAM and 20GB storage on servers and goes all the way up to $247.33/mo for 16 GB RAM and 20 GB server storage space.

Visit Cloudways.


When it comes to web hosting, SiteGround is one of the most well-known brands. They are on our list of best WordPress hosting solutions since they offer unique speed optimization and security criteria.

Siteground Managed WordPress Hosting

They are not only a dependable solution, but they are also one of the most cost-effective options available. But first, let’s look at the features before we go into the cost.


Performance: With SSD-based servers, you have a Google Cloud-powered platform that gives you a dependable server that can withstand any bumps in the road. For caching, NGINX direct delivery is enabled by default for all sites. Furthermore, the technology integrates with the SuperCacher service to ensure that hosted websites load quickly.

Automatic WordPress updates keep your website up to date with the newest security patches and upgrades, which is important for security. By keeping track of WordPress’s known vulnerabilities, the host delivers unique firewall rules on the server level. SiteGround delivered security fixes even before the developers posted a vulnerability notice, according to the changelog and claims. You also have access to the SiteGround security plugin, which allows you to add an additional filter layer to your application.

Support: SiteGround has one of the best-rated hosting support teams, with qualified WordPress specialists available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist or aid you anytime you need it.

Siteground Features

One-click staging tool: When making substantial changes, it’s best to try them out first in a staging environment before releasing them. SiteGround includes a built-in staging tool for this, which allows you to create a staging environment without disrupting your main site. GrowBig and GrowGeek plans are the only ones that include this functionality (more on this later).

Other noteworthy features include:

  • Let’s Encrypt offers a free SSL certificate that comes pre-installed and requires no configuration. After moving your website, you may integrate it in minutes.
  • Email service to assist you in setting up email accounts for your organization or company using the webmail interface.
  • Collaboration tools: You may use collaboration and tools to assist you collaborate on projects with your team.
  • Developer toolkit: If you’re an intermediate or expert user, you can effortlessly manage your websites using developer tools like WP-CLI SSH access, PHP version control, Git integration, and Multisite SFTP.
  • Daily backups: For increased protection, you receive 30 copies of your website saved in separate places every day. Users may also create backups on demand and restore them at any time with only a few clicks.

Pricing for SiteGround

As I previously said, SiteGround is one of the most cost-effective managed WordPress hosting options available. There are three price tiers, beginning at $14.99 per month (StartUp). You get one website hosting with 10 GB of space and 10,000 monthly views at this price. The usual pricing for GrowBig is $24.99 per month, which includes limitless websites, 20 GB of web space, unlimited traffic, and access to all capabilities, including Staging and on-demand backup copies.

Siteground pricing

The GoGeek(Premium) plan is $39.99 per month and includes everything in the GrowBig plan plus white-labeling, top-tier resources, and priority support.

Visit SiteGround.


Kinsta may not have as many clients as other hosting providers, but its sub-par hosting platform and unrivaled customer service standards have earned them a position on the list.

Kinsta Managed WordPress Hosting

Kinsta is not a mass-market option, but their emphasis on performance has catapulted them into the spotlight in recent years.

Kinsta began as a premium-only service with costs beginning at $100 per month, but in late 2017, they shifted its emphasis and began providing plans starting at $30 per month.

Automatic backups, server-level caching, staging tools, and priority support are just a few of the premium features you’d expect from a managed WordPress hosting package. Let’s take a closer look at what Kinsta has to offer.


Kinsta is recognized for its next-generation design, which is made possible by the technology they use to power their servers. Nginx, PHP 8.0, LXD software containers, MariaDB, and optimized VMs are used in Kinsta’s hosting architecture to optimize their servers for better load times.

Kinsta provides a robust server-level firewall powered by Cloudflare, as well as conventional security features such as firewall and SSL support. Every Kinsta subscription includes security upgrades and safeguards including as 24/7 uptime monitoring, software-based limits, hardware firewalls, and DDoS protection.

Kinsta’s emphasis on offering high-quality customer service is admirable, given that it is a dedicated managed hosting provider. Kinsta provides access to a WordPress blog 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Kista’s outstanding website administration tool, myKinsta admin, makes it simple for users to administer their websites. To accomplish everyday operations like as building a staging server, cloning a site, and seeing comprehensive site metrics, you have conventional controls in an easy-to-use interface. WP-CLI, SSH, Git, and Kinsta’s free APM tool for debugging WordPress are all supported by the dashboard for WordPress developers. Here’s a screenshot of the dashboard:

Kinsta dashboard

Pricing for Kinsta

Kinsta’s plans begin at $30 per month. For this pricing, you receive a regular WordPress installation, 25,000 visitors, 10 GB of storage space, a free SSL, and a CDN. If you want to host three or more websites, the Business 1 plan, which costs $100 per month, is the way to go. You receive 5 WordPress websites, 100,000 visitors, 30 GB of disk space, free SSL, CDN, and staging at this pricing. Similarly, the cost of the following plans increase as resources are distributed. The most costly subscription is $1500 per month and includes 150 WordPress installations, 3 million visits, 250 GB of storage space, and all of Kinsta’s capabilities.

Kinsta pricing

Kinsta is, without a doubt, more costly than the other hosting companies mentioned in this post. However, it’s worth noting that Kinsta has outperformed its competition in terms of customer support, ranking first in the Managed WordPress hosting category on G2.

Visit Kinsta.

WP Engine

WP Engine is a well-known managed WordPress hosting company that now hosts over 1.5 million websites. It is often recognized as the industry’s most trustworthy hosting company, and they live up to that reputation.

WP Engine Managed WordPress Hosting

WP Engine is built to fulfill the demands of companies of all sizes, so even if you need a host that can handle a high-traffic website, WP Engine should be able to handle it.

WP Engine works with Google, AWS, and New Relic to host its customers’ websites. When picking a plan, you may choose the data center you wish to host your websites in.

The firm is often featured in the media for winning awards, organizing conferences, contributing to the WordPress core and community, and providing research-based articles to help its users.

Without a question, WP Engine has done an excellent job of preserving its brand image. Let’s take a look at how they treat their consumers and what features are included in their plans.


Because WP Engine is so well-known, I’ll simply go through the aspects that will assist you compare it to other options.

Performance: WP Engine says that moving to their platform improves site performance by 40%. This is backed up by a WordPress-optimized infrastructure with a 99.99 percent uptime SLA. You also have access to a worldwide network of server centers, a managed CDN, and WP Engine’s Evercache caching technology to ensure that your website runs smoothly.

WP Engine uses all of the industry’s standard security methods to secure the websites that are hosted on their servers. In addition, the platform has passed a SOC 2 Type II security audit. As a consequence, a fully controlled website firewall, DDoS protection, an encrypted network, and numerous levels of platform security work together to prevent 109 million+ threats every day.

WP Engine offers robust assistance from WordPress specialists 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. They also offer a well-managed documentation and assistance center where they may quickly obtain answers. They have the same level of support as Kinsta or Cloudways.

WP Engine has a number of capabilities that may assist developers and agencies in effectively managing their customers’ websites. Their corporate plans include automated billing systems, reseller hosting choices, payment gateways, and other features.

WpEngine Features

Other noteworthy features include:

WP Engine has created EverCache, a robust caching technology designed exclusively for WordPress websites.

Daily automated backups: Every WP Engine plan includes daily automated backups.

WP Engine’s migration plugin allows you to migrate an infinite number of websites, whether it’s one or a hundred. The plugin takes care of the hard lifting and alerts you when it’s finished.

Every package includes access to the powerful Genesis framework as well as all StudioPress themes. The total cost of all 10 themes is above $1200, however they’re included with any WP Engine plan.

WP Engine Costs

WP Engine has options for practically every kind of customer, from small companies to enterprises and agencies. WP Engine’s plans start at $25 per month for one website with a monthly traffic limit of 25K.

WPEngine Pricing

For $242 per month, you can purchase a 30-website hosting package with a 400k/mo bandwidth cap. WP Engine may create a bespoke plan for you if you want to host more websites, or you can just pay $20 for each new website.

Go to the WP Engine website.


FlyWheel is the last but not least on our list. FlyWheel is undoubtedly the best solution if you handle websites and customers as a professional or company.

Flywheel Managed WordPress Hosting

Because it includes a specific suite of developer tools, FlyWheel is not focused on offering tools for end-users, but rather on enterprises managing many websites. But that doesn’t rule out the possibility of hosting your hobby blog on their platform.

FlyWheel began in 2012 and has since grown into a highly appreciated platform that helps many website owners and agencies operate their businesses. From the beginning, their objective was clear: to create a client-focused managed hosting service. FlyWheel has built a set of developer tools to assist agencies and developers manage their customers more effectively over time. Let’s have a look at the features.


Local development application: FlyWheel created Local by FlyWheel, the most popular local WordPress development application. With only a few clicks, you can set up a local WordPress environment. You may put the website online in a matter of minutes after the local development is finished.

Flywheel features

FlyWheel is designed specifically for agencies, with comprehensive workflow management capabilities that make managing numerous client sites a breeze. Client-focused developer tools for agencies and maintainers include team management tools, multiple logins, user limitations, and controlled billings.

FlyWheel’s servers are geared for WordPress websites in particular. Furthermore, FlyCache, FlyWheel’s unique caching technology, is integrated with their CDN to enable quicker load times.

FlyWheel provides reliable help in the form of live chat support from WordPress specialists 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and phone support during business hours for higher-priced subscriptions ($250+). You may not need high-tier paid assistance for your company if you are a frequent user.

Other noteworthy features include:

Free migrations: All FlyWheel plans include free migration, which is handled through their migration plugin.

Automated backups and updates: FlyWheel takes care of automated updates and daily backups, archiving them for up to 30 days. You also receive a one-click restore option that allows you to effortlessly restore your website to a previous version.

White-labeling: For a more personalized experience for your clients, you may white-label temporary domains, client emails, and even the client portal. You may add your company’s logo to give it a more professional look.

Pricing for FlyWheel

Despite being a client-focused solution, FlyWheel’s hosting plans start at $15 a month for a single site with 5000 monthly visitors and 5GB of storage, therefore putting them as one of the most inexpensive managed WordPress hosting options on the market.

Flywheel Pricing

If you wish to host additional sites, their higher-priced plans run from $30 per month to $290 per month, and their Agency plan allows you to host up to 30 websites with 400k monthly views. The Starter and Freelance hosting plans, however, do not include a migration dashboard, phone assistance, or a dedicated account manager with quarterly company evaluations.

Visit FlyWheel.com.

Conclusion: These are our top picks for managed WordPress hosting.

When choosing the best managed WordPress hosting option, there are many variables to consider. Following an examination of the top hosting companies’ performance, it became evident that there is no such thing as an alpha hosting service. That’s correct!

Every hosting service on this list exceeds our criteria. They all offer all of the essential features that make a hosting service worthwhile. So, which option should you choose?

It is entirely dependent on your needs. What do you want your hosting company to perform for you? You can simply pick a hosting option for your website if you can write out your must-have list of features and criteria. Here’s how to do it:

For example, if you need real hosting that will back you up and give nothing but top performance, I would pick Kinsta. If you’re on a limited budget, though, Cloudways or SiteGround are better options since they provide more reasonable plans. To assist you, here’s a simple scale:

What is WordPress hosting that is managed?

Managed WordPress hosting is a service in which the host takes care of most administrative responsibilities for you, such as automated upgrades, security, and daily backups, so you can concentrate on expanding your business. This service promises to make it easier for clients to concentrate on their company rather than worrying about website and security upgrades.

Managed WordPress hosting offers with professional assistance from WordPress specialists that know their way around WordPress websites, in addition to the hassle-free experience.

Managed WordPress hosting is well worth the money if you are not a tech-savvy user who enjoys working on the server-side of your website.

While more costly, managed WordPress hosting services can help you organize your workflow and take care of many important duties such as automated updates, daily backups, security upgrades, speed optimization, and even migrations. Managed WordPress hosting is ideal if you don’t want to bother about doing these routine maintenance activities.

What distinguishes managed WordPress hosting from regular hosting?

Standard WordPress hosting differs from managed WordPress hosting in a few ways. Standard/shared WordPress hosting gives you a space on a server that hosts your website with others to save expenses. There aren’t many premium services connected with shared hosting, though. As a result, you can obtain shared hosting for as little as $5 per month.

Shared hosting plans are the foundation for managed WordPress providers. The premium services and priority assistance are the primary differentiators. For as little as $13 per month, you can receive a strong managed WordPress hosting solution with free backups, migrations, and upgrades from a managed WordPress host like FlyWheel.

What is the best managed WordPress hosting option?

The finest managed WordPress hosting choice is determined by your requirements. I’d suggest opting with an agency-focused hosting provider like WP Engine or Kinsta if you’re looking for a managed hosting provider to expand your WordPress agency or company.

If you just want to host a single hobby website and don’t want to bother about automated updates, migration, or backups, Cloudways or FlyWheel are better options.

I’d suggest SiteGround’s managed hosting services if you’re on a limited budget.

Before you place a purchase, make sure you assess your needs and compare them to what the hosting company has to offer. If you don’t have any special requirements, you may choose from any of the top five options on this list.

Which hosting company did you choose for your website? Is there a hosting firm that deserves to be on our list that we haven’t included? Let us know in the comments section!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best managed WordPress hosting?

A: Many people have different opinions on the best managed WordPress hosting. This is due to factors such as price, quality of service and reliability that can affect this question. The truth about which one is best for you will be what matters most in the end.

Which is the best for WordPress hosting for 2021?

A: For a long time, GoDaddy has been the go-to choice for WordPress hosting. However, in recent years they have had some major issues and so have many other service providers. Some of these companies may not even exist anymore. In my opinion I would recommend SiteGround as their quality is high with low prices being offered at $2/mo which beats out most competitors by that margin alone!

What is Managed Hosting for WordPress?

A: Managed Hosting is a hosting service. It takes the worry out of managing your webhost and you can focus on building great websites without any technical know-how or time investment.

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