Web Design

So, you’re looking into creating a website for yourself but don’t know where to begin or what exactly you will need in order to do so.

Enter Techidemics.

We’re a company that is here to work alongside of you, communicating, planning and transitioning across the phases of Web Design.

Beginning with the Project Definition, we want to communicate with you in order to gain your projects summary, the goals that you have in mind for your project, a target audience and even scope.

After working through this, we will dive right into the visual aspects, concentrating on Wireframe development and Site Architecture. Breaking down those key pages you want involved and including the content which will actually appear on those key pages.

The next step in the process is the Visual Design, you have the blueprint which was provided through the creation of both the Wireframes and Site Architecture, now it’s time for the PSD’s and graphic development of how this site will look. After this you will have a full fledged concept of your website and all graphical elements that can lead to the translation to actual code.

Our Web Design skills will provide you with your template, when paired up with our Development you can take those designs and have us sculpt your masterpiece into reality.

To contact us for a quote, answers to any query’s or with an idea, simply click here.