We live in a period of time where dreams and hard work can combine together in order to generate an outcome that is not only mind blowing but game changing. Whether it’s building your own company from the ground up or remodeling something that has needed an update for awhile, it’s all possible if you can conceive the idea within your mind. So when considering that, let’s take a look at five inspiring quotes to foster that entrepreneurial dream.

1. I can accept failure. Everyone fails at something. But I cannot accept not trying. — Michael Jordan

Failure can be disappointing, but when you really sit back and think about it, would you be more disappointed if you failed, or if you never tried in the first place? Failure is all part of the process, and not only that, but it teaches you things and pushes you to fit back harder when you do fall.

2. We must train from the inside out. Using our strengths to attack and nullify any weaknesses. It’s not about denying a weakness may exist but about denying its right to persist. — Vince McConnell

Sometimes it isn’t external circumstance that builds up walls and hurdles in front of us, but more so ourselves. Being persistent and refusing to back down, even to ourselves is a solid way to train the mind to achieve our goals through perseverance.

3. Achievement seems to be connected with action. Successful men and women keep moving. They make mistakes but they don’t quit. — Conrad Hilton

A common misconception is that people associate mistakes with failure, and failure with the inability to do something, but that’s far from the case. The people who do succeed are the ones who don’t quit, even when they may feel like it.

4. Enthusiasm is the sparkle in your eyes, the swing in your gait, the grip of your hand and the irresistible surge of will and energy to execute your ideas. — Henry Ford

Keeping the fire burning can sometimes take more than just getting out of bed in the morning, it’s remembering your end goal, enjoying the journey and knowing that each step you take, you’re one stride closer to your dream, idea or company.

5. If you hear a voice within you saying ‘you are not a painter’ then by all means paint and that voice will be silenced. — Vincent Van Gogh