Microsoft bought Clipchamp and will add it to Windows 11

Microsoft won’t just buy Clipchamp, it will integrate it into Windows 11 as a new feature–and it will be mandatory for millions of users.

Microsoft has purchased Clipchamp, a startup that offers a service to automatically convert videos to GIFs, and will be adding it to Windows. The service will initially be available for Windows 8.1 and Windows 10, and will only be available to Windows Insiders, who will be able to preview the app and share their thoughts and feedback to the Microsoft team.

Clipchamp, a startup that makes software for recording, editing, sharing, and disseminating video clips online, has been acquired by Microsoft in an undisclosed amount in an effort to improve Windows Movie Maker in Windows 8. Clipchamp will be incorporated in the next Windows release, in Windows 11, which is due out in late 2012.


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  • Just when you think Microsoft couldn’t possibly add another feature to Windows 11, they do.
  • Clipchamp, a free video editing program, was acquired by the Redmond business.
  • This new strategy is to include this new beneficial function in the next operating system.
  • Remember that the new OS will be available for eligible devices starting next month.


If you thought Windows 11 couldn’t be much better than it already is, you may want to take a seat for this one.

Microsoft stated today that it would acquire Clipchamp, obviously in an effort to strengthen the future operating system even more.

Clipchamp is a free web-based video editing software, and Microsoft seems to be interested in incorporating its recently purchased video editor into its Microsoft 365 subscription service, if you weren’t aware.

Clipchamp’s days as a free video editor may be numbered, just to make sure everyone knows what that implies.

Windows 11 now includes new video editing tools.

In this difficult quest to offer the most unified user experience in years, the Redmond-based tech firm is obviously blazing on all cylinders.

Clipchamp is a perfect match to expand the cloud-powered productivity experiences in Microsoft 365 for people, families, schools, and companies as a web tool that utilizes the full power of your PC. It also works well with Microsoft Windows, which is a platform that encourages unrestricted creation. Clipchamp and Microsoft will let you express yourself via the emotional power of video, whether you’re editing gaming clips, creating a school assignment, putting together a memory of your kids, or putting together the next independent short. 

Chris Pratley, CVP of Microsoft’s Office Media Group, had this to say about the new feature coming to your new favorite OS in the near future.

The Clipchamp team is a creative force committed to quality and excellent customer results, according to the Redmond official, and we welcome them as kindred spirits enthusiastically.


The capability of a multi-track audio and video compositing editor, coupled with Clickchamp’s extensive collection of filters, styles, transitions, and stock material, offers everyone the precise control they need.

You may also get some creative assistance if they need it, so they can produce precisely what they want, swiftly and confidently.

When you’ve finished whatever you’re working on, the program makes it easy to share it since it’s designed for social media, with output styles and aspect ratios for all of the major social media platforms. It allows you to share your tale in your own unique manner.

Clipchamp and Microsoft will offer the tools and expertise you need, whether it’s a 10-second social media commercial, a 2-minute product pitch, or a 20-minute instructional video.

To be fair, the Redmond-based tech giant has not revealed all of its intentions for this new tool, so it may be premature to be concerned about the video editor’s future.

Because they are removing something free and having people pay for it, this move may not get all of the good response that the business was hoping for.

However, there are many more free video editors available that individuals may use on a regular basis.

Have you used Clipchamp before? If so, what are your thoughts on Microsoft’s most recent decision? Please share your thoughts in the comments area below.

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