Daily, we have ready access to large sums of information and knowledge. By simply opening our laptops or logging into our desktops we can retrieve the answer to any question we may come up with or research any topic that may pluck our nature to be curious.

But it wasn’t always this way, was it?

Think back to those days in school where the only way to research a topic to write a paper would involve hours spent at your local library, combing through books on the shelf to try find the most relevant information. There was no search bar online, no keywords to refine and break down topics, there was only books, newspapers and a basic means of gaining what we needed.

Although the option to share documents across a platform was not always available to the public, once making its debut it would take the world by storm, reconstructing the way that we as people transfer information and retrieve it once needed.

Now you can see how HTML carved the way..

Allow your mind to wander, what would the world be like if there wasn’t any HTML to lead to the technological evolution that puts us to where we are today. What would the landscape of society look like? Would there be some other form of Web Development? Would code somehow of splashed itself onto a page to create an interactive interface through a new form? Maybe…

Regardless of what could have happened, it’s important to note why what did IS so important. That one initial step was the first movement towards what we have today, the online businesses, the ability to make a living independently through our connections to our computer, and also, the opportunity that we have which pushes us to connect with others regardless of their location on the planet.

All it takes is one step. Even if that first step on a journey is yours.