Download, Install & Use Triplens: Photo Translator on PC (Windows & Mac)

With the rise of social media, it’s practically impossible to get through a day without seeing a post whether it’s a status update, a photo, a video, or an audio clip. Triplens is a new app that helps you convert all of these into text.

Are you looking for a good translator for your photos? Do you want to use your local language instead of English? If you are in this situation, you are in the right place! Triplens is a free yet full-featured photo translator for Windows & Mac. It is an easy to use tool. Features include translate all available languages, convert photos, extract text from photos, resize photos, perform various image operations, extract EXIF data, extract date information, extract GPS data, extract the time zone, extract the coordinates, extract the size of the photo, extract the file comment, extract the GPS coordinates, extract the EXIF data, extract the file date, extract the file time, extract the EXIF date, extract the file

Last year, you may have heard about a new photo blog called “Triplens” that uses artificial intelligence to offer a free translation service from English to Japanese, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish. The service also offers a translation from Japanese, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish to English.

Triplens: Photo Translator

If we travel and don’t speak the language well but don’t want to spend time entering the information from each poster or text we don’t understand, Triplens will come in handy. With it, all we have to do is snap a picture and let it be instantly translated.

The Triplens interface, as we’ll see, is beautiful, straightforward, and intuitive. We may select whether to scan an item or text when we use it. In the top section, we must provide the source language as well as the target language for the translation. All we have to do is point to what we want to learn and click the button to take a picture (which will automatically be saved in the gallery of our terminal). As a result, after you’ve received the translation, you’ll be able to share it on social media, download it in PDF format, and even listen to it read aloud.

If we are on vacation and want to explore new places, we may use Triplens to photograph the element or landmark in front of which we find ourselves and learn its name in a matter of seconds, learning in a very easy and quick manner. For example, it will be extremely useful while selecting a menu in a foreign nation where we do not speak the language, since we will only be able to know the menu in its entirety if we have a picture.

Triplens is a highly helpful tool for quickly and easily translating words or scanning things.

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Details about Triplens: Photographer/Photographer/Photographer/Photographer/Photograph

Name: Triplens: Photo Translator
Developers: Kita Apps
Category: Tools
Score: 2.7/5
Version: 2.6.9
Updated: 13th of August, 2021
Total Score: 56,226
Downloads: 10,000,000+
URL for Google Play: google play
Version of Android required: 5.0 and above

Today, we’ll show you what we’ve got. How do you get tools to download and install? Triplens: Photo Translator for PC may be operated on any OS including Windows and MAC versions, but if you’re looking for other applications, go to our pps for PC page and choose your favorites. Without further ado, let’s get started.

Photo Translator for PC (Windows / MAC) by Triplens

  • Choose an Android Emulator for PC from the list we’ve given and install it.
  • Open the Google Play Store in the Emulator you just installed.
  • Now go to the Play Store and look for “Triplens: Photo Translator.”
  • Install the game and go to the emulator’s app drawer or all applications.
  • To play it, click the Triplens: Photo Translator icon and follow the on-screen instructions.
  • Triplens: Photo Translator APK may also be downloaded and installed using the BlueStacks Android emulator.
  • You may also install Triplens: Photo Translator on PC using different emulators.

That concludes our tutorial on Triplens: Photo Translator For PC (Windows & MAC), be sure to check out our other articles on our blog for more fun and interesting apps and games. Please use the links provided below to download the apps for Android and iOS.

Triplens: Photo Translator

Triplens: Photo Translator

Triplens is a photo translator app that I discovered on the Apple App Store. Triplens translates photos between English and Japanese. It works just like Google Translate, but it’s much more accurate. I was excited about the idea of Triplens because many of my Japanese photos are in English, but I can’t really read the captions. Triplens allows me to translate my photos directly to Japanese, so I can read my photos in Japanese.. Read more about installer for windows 10 and let us know what you think.

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