The internet is a combination of things that are shared, distributed and downloaded on a daily basis.

The back and forth interactions are what pave the way for new ideas, discussions and platforms which continue to improve and grow; making collaboration one of the backbones and foundations of the internet. With this team work there needs to be a location where collisions of ideas and peer participation can combine to create something fluid, enter GitHub.

Whether its present through typing commands into git bash, tracking changes or working together on a project with a colleague, GitHub can be noted as a bridge that pushes to bring the tech world together. It fills up the gaps that in the past would have made it difficult to work on a project that needed to be spread across different networks and provides a solution to sharing and downloading code.

This collaborative power of GitHub is only the beginning of what it means to be a powerhouse platform, so lets also break down some of the other features that push forward its strength. The first would have to be documentation which ensures that there is a HUGE availability for those who need to access help sections or constructive guides to how best go about finding a great git workflow.

The next thing on the list would have to be the easy access and ability to contribute to open source projects. GitHub isn’t just a platform, it’s also a community that puts focus on allowing users to fork projects and add their own spin/changes to it and with community comes a thriving back and forth train featuring not only feedback but overall improved code.

Lastly, there’s the markdown, a language that allows users to format and write documents, putting coding language barriers to the side and instead serving on the table something that is more useful in an already thriving environment to communicate knowledge about projects, instructions and even known bugs.

This list could go on, continuously proving that when it comes to collaboration that GitHub really is the best place to store work and team up with others. A place for “social coding.” But, I highly suggest taking the plunge and really finding this out for yourself, you can bet that you won’t regret it.

Post via Smiles & Code