5+ best keyboard mapping software for Windows 10

The keyboard is a key part of your computer and it can make or break your productivity and efficiency. However, even if it is a key part of your daily routine, most of us don’t realize its importance till we experience a nasty slip of the finger.

If you love typing, you know that making your hands hurt is part of the deal. In fact, I’ve often wondered how people can go through life without a decent key map. I’m sure many of us have had our hands cramp up from prolonged typing, or at least targeted a few of our colleagues on Facebook with a carefully crafted “where is your keyboard” joke.

This article will show you which software you should use to make your keyboard layout on your Windows 10 PC.


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26th of August, 2021

Publish date: March 2020

  • Unless we’re talking about keyboards designed for particular, non-English languages, most keyboards come with conventional configurations and, in terms of mapping, there aren’t many variations across devices.
  • The conventional keyboard configuration may not be ideal for everyone’s requirements.
  • Below is a selection of key management applications that may assist you in making sophisticated adjustments according on your preferred methods of device use.


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The majority of desktops and laptops have similar keyboard layouts. As a result, most keyboards have the same keys in approximately the same locations.

You may install key-mapping software packages if you want to modify your keys and keyboard layouts. These are applications that allow you to remap or deactivate keys on your keyboard, as well as create new custom shortcuts.

By remapping the Caps Lock button to the Ctrl button, for example, you can control Caps Lock and convert it into the Ctrl button. For Windows, there are a variety of key-mapping software programs. Another plus is that many of them are freeware applications.

These are the finest keyboard-mapping programs for Windows 10 that you can use to customize your keyboard.


Key Remapper has received a lot of positive feedback. This isn’t freeware since it requires a registration charge, however you may get a non-registered version with less features from this internet page.

This program is particularly useful since it allows you to remap mouse buttons and keyboard keys. As a result, you may assign keyboard commands to mouse buttons.

Some of the alternatives offer a visible keyboard GUI design, however Key Remapper does not. Instead, you may use the software to create profiles that allow you to remap keys for different applications and purposes.

Then, by double-clicking the Key Remapper box to access the choices displayed in the screenshot below, users may remap buttons for profiles.

This box also has options for configuring the remapped keys to only function in certain applications.

Another benefit is that this application does not change the registry scan codes for keys, allowing you to remap them without having to restart Windows.

Obtain Key Remapper


PowerToys is a collection of Windows 10 tools aimed towards power users. Its capabilities assist you in creating more detailed configurations for your device. It includes customization choices for the look, file explorer addons, power options, a keyboard manager, and more. 

The PowerToys Keyboard Manager is a comprehensive program that assists you in fully configuring your keyboard to meet your particular requirements.

It can assist you in remapping all of your keys and changing them up as desired. It’s ideal for making your most-used keys more accessible or configuring your keys to utilize various language packs more effectively. You just enter the key you wish to modify and then pick the letter that corresponds, and you’re done. The app may also be used to switch the functionality of two keys.

You may also modify the keyboard shortcuts for certain activities in your applications. Because the functionality is unique to each program, if you wish to use the same shortcut key across several applications, you’ll have to configure that shortcut key for each app individually.

You won’t be able to remap several important system shortcuts using PowerToys, like Ctrl+Alt+Del, Win+L, and the Function Key Fn.

Microsoft offers the PowerToys Keyboard Manager as a free download. It requires Windows 10 version 1803 (build 17134) or later to operate.

Obtain PowerToys


SharpKeys is a portable keyboard mapping software application that modifies the system registry with a simple modification. This allows you to quickly exchange or remap one key for another. The software program features a simple user interface that lacks a keyboard layout from which to choose keys.

Instead, you may simply pick one key to change from a list and then another from a second list to replace it. On more modern keyboards, this program supports all conventional keys as well as certain multimedia playback buttons.

SharpKeys has one major flaw: it lacks a feature that restores the default keyboard mapping, forcing users to remove each remapped key individually.

Aside from that, this is still a good freeware application for remapping keys.

Obtain ShapKeys


With KeyTweak’s visual keyboard layout GUI, you can pick a key to change on the keyboard and then remap it to another button from a drop-down menu. With KeyTweak, the WindowReport team has covered how to turn keys off.

It also allows users to remap keys to more distinctive buttons such as Back, Stop, Forward, and Refresh, which may be found on multimedia keyboards and Web browser toolbar choices.

This application, unlike SharpKeys, has a Restore All Defaults button that restores the original keyboard settings.

KeyTweaks also allows you to define and store alternative mapping settings as remap files, which can then be reloaded and applied.

Obtain KeyTweak


Key Mapper features a large visual keyboard interface. The drag-and-drop UI distinguishes this application from the others on this list since it allows you to deactivate keys by dragging them off the display.

By dragging keys onto the ones you want to assign them to, you can remap them.

You may also map or deactivate keys using the flexible UI by double-clicking them on the keyboard to bring up the Create a mapping box immediately below.

Aside from its user-friendly interface, Key Mapper offers a range of alternate keyboard layouts and languages from across the world.

Mac users would like the Mac Keyboard option. Additionally, Keyboard Layout Manager includes a useful Export As Registry File option for exporting changes to a file.

Obtain Key Mapper


AutoHotkey is a more versatile key-mapping program for Windows that isn’t quite like the others listed here.

This is a scripting tool for remapping keys; the program does not remap buttons via the registry.

As a result, you may remap keyboard shortcuts, mouse buttons, and normal keys using AutoHotkey.

Another benefit is that you can store and export these scripts as EXE files to other computers.

Obtain AutoHotkey


You may use Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator (MKLC) to build unique keyboard layouts from the ground up. You might use it to create a Dvorak keyboard layout, for example.

You may also create new keyboard layouts by modifying current ones. This software differs from the others in that it produces installers that may be used to add additional keyboards to Windows.

When creating new keyboard layouts, you may choose from three different key layouts for the area surrounding the Enter button. The program has a visual keyboard interface that allows you to assign values to keys by clicking them.

One restriction of MKLC is that system buttons like as Return, Ctrl, Alt, and Tab cannot be configured; however, assignable keys, such as Ctrl + key, may have numerous entries.

Keyboard layouts may also be validated and tested. As a result, MKLC is one of the finest remapping tools for creating completely new Windows keyboard layouts.

Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator is a program that allows you to create custom keyboard layouts.


For Windows 10 and other systems, there are many excellent keyboard mapping software programs.

You may remap keys, deactivate buttons, create new keyboard layouts, give keyboard operations to the mouse, and more using those applications.

As you can see, the keyboard is one of the most important components of a computer, and there are many tools for optimizing your work with the keyboard. Choose the finest applications to help you become more productive!

Note: This material has been updated for freshness and accuracy on a regular basis. All of the software recommendations have been carefully chosen to provide high-quality keyboard mapping functionality. We really hope that this list has assisted you in determining which tool is ideal for you. 

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Windows 10 has an inbuilt built-in keyboard. Though it is a useful addition, a lot of users find it annoying. So, to get around this problem, you can download a software keyboard from the internet. The main purpose of this software is to provide a shortcut to Microsoft Word whenever you write a new text in an application.. Read more about key mapper download and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I remap keys on Windows 10?

To remap keys on Windows 10, you will need to use the keyboard shortcut Win + X and select Change Key Settings.

What is the best key remapper?

The best key remapper is the one that you feel most comfortable with. There are many different remappers out there, and they all have their own pros and cons.

Is there a software to customize keyboard?

Yes, there is a keyboard customization software called KeyTweak.

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